Saturday, 28 July 2012

Hey Jude.

Okay so hey this is my first blog post on this blog... and I created this blog because I have like nothing to do with my time and I am extremely bored out of my mind! And if you haven't picked up on it already I really love the Beatles so much I basically just love their everything. My mom loved them when she was young so she was giving me suggestions on songs that I should listen to. I really love my mom she is like the most easiest person that I can talk to.
If I had to describe myself in 3 words they would be Pepsi-Addict (Not kidding I am actually drinking one right now), Determined and stubborn. Which are good qualities but sometimes they mess me up lol.     I also hate being wrong and I can be a bit of a big mouth sometimes. Overall i just like to be a fun person who can make jokes about myself and who can laugh at any situation. No matter how hard my life is going at the time. 
Anyways I am going to end my blog post here I think but I will definitely post tomorrow! 

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