Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Confused and how great my life is...

Have you ever had a boyfriend and then after you break up you find yourself crazy about them every time you talk to them and then other times you find that you can't stand them... But you like other people more because you know that you and the person are better off and you guys are broken up for a reason and you don't ever want to be put in that situation ever again because you where really heart broken. Well I have this ex and I know that he likes me and I really miss him but he has a girlfriend but we talk every night and text during the day and the reason we broke up was because he was cheating on me and I just don't want him to do to her what he did to me. Even if they broke up I would never trust him in the relationship and I could never be just calm. 
In other news... I got a job in public Speaking and I am so excited because its not even that I get paid for it I am the youngest in my group by far the others are in collage and I am only in grade 10... they all thought that I was going to collage and my instructor is a blind para- athlete and he is leaving for London in 2 weeks it was so cool and I loved how many people I met and I got to hear there amazing stories and just to be motivated that this was definitely where I see my life going. 
Right now I am at my cousins/ Best friend and her name is Shaylee we have been so close for about 7 years and she is my everything I love her!!! We are  hanging out until her and her family are camping on friday so I am staying until Thursday. 
Oh and yesterday I went waterskiing and it was literally the best experience ever I loved every minuet of it because it has been three years of anticipation I have wanted this for so long but the date didn't work out for about three years, I have just had surgery and I couldn't.
Thats all I have for right now but those two days have been very productive to say the least. 
-TheLazyChick <3

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Hey Jude.

Okay so hey this is my first blog post on this blog... and I created this blog because I have like nothing to do with my time and I am extremely bored out of my mind! And if you haven't picked up on it already I really love the Beatles so much I basically just love their everything. My mom loved them when she was young so she was giving me suggestions on songs that I should listen to. I really love my mom she is like the most easiest person that I can talk to.
If I had to describe myself in 3 words they would be Pepsi-Addict (Not kidding I am actually drinking one right now), Determined and stubborn. Which are good qualities but sometimes they mess me up lol.     I also hate being wrong and I can be a bit of a big mouth sometimes. Overall i just like to be a fun person who can make jokes about myself and who can laugh at any situation. No matter how hard my life is going at the time. 
Anyways I am going to end my blog post here I think but I will definitely post tomorrow!